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    She cried out in surprised pleasure as he nuzzled her wet vulva, spreading her juices around her cunny with his tongue and mustache. He purred like a giant cat, the low, pleasured rumblings emanating from his throat and traveling through his muscular neck and jaw to vibrate maddeningly against her sensitive girl bits as he licked slowly up her slit, thirstily swallowing her nectar down like a castaway who’d just discovered an enchanted rivulet of life-giving water  best anime gifs . His hands firmly held the backs of her thighs, keeping her still and spreading her open for his feast. He drove her mad as he alternated between spells of gentle, almost dainty kisses and licks that politely explored every little fold and crevice of her secret parts and sent her into uncharted paroxysms of need, and other moments when he would seem to nearly lose control of himself, and would furiously attack her cunny like a wild animal, growling and licking and even carefully taking her juicy outer lips between his gleaming teeth and shaking them, growling like a playful puppy as he reveled in the young girl’s perfect, award-winning cunny. Jennifer had never had anyone so enthusiastic or thorough in their appreciation for having her vagina under their tongue, and she was blown away by how good she felt  best hentai gifs . As Captain Davis took each of her delicate inner labia between his lips and gently sucked on them, pulling slowly away after a moment and reluctantly allowing the tender skirts of girl-flesh to slip delectably through his lips as he cleaned them of her considerable secretions, his crafty tongue dipping occasionally and without warning into her entrance and causing it to contract pleasantly, she shuddered and bucked and nearly came; each time she got close, however, the captain would stop what he was doing and simply kiss the backs of her thighs or her tummy until she slowed down a little, infuriating her to no end as the frustration and anticipation for her third orgasm of the day grew unbearable.

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