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    I woke up my cousin with a shake. She lucked out again. Her shirt had indeed rolled up, but I couldn’t see anything I didn’t already see at the beach – newpornsites.pro.. We quickly got dressed and headed about our day. For all intents and purposes, it was essentially a replay of yesterday. Mike, Maggie and Alice all went to the beach again, but I didn’t feel like going again, so my Aunt Jen and I were treated to some nice quality time alone hotmyfreecams.com. We hung out in her hotel room and she told me all about her relationship with Alice. Eventually she busted out her phone to show me some photos of the little mini-trips her and Alice had taken throughout the 2 years they’d been together. In some of the photos they were kissing on the lips. It never occurred how strangely hot it’d be to see my pretty aunt kissing another woman, but I’d be lying if I said it start turning me on a little bit. Towards the end there was a few photos of them two in a hot tub drinking some beers. The bikinis they were both wearing left little to the imagination, but I did not comment. If it was okay for me to be shown, then it was okay.

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