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Autre question. Doit-on écrire multi-produit ou multi-produits ? Pour moi, multi veut dire qu’il y en a plusieurs, donc je mettrais un S.

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Devon could only stare at the back of the angry woman as she hurried away from him. No surprises there, he thought. He had acted like a young man on his first date. No flare and no skill at all, just good old scorching lust and pure need. What the fuck! He took a few deep breaths in the attempt to calm his mind and body . What the hell had just happened? How could a small kiss change into something that made him lose all his control? All he could think about was how fast he could get rid of their clothes and get inside of her. It was unnerving and something that seldom happened to him . He couldn’t even remember when the last time that had occurred. If it had occurred, it had only lasted a few seconds before he was back in control. He was always in control in his relationships. He thrived on it, needed and wanted it. His control kept him calm and collected, never turning into a lovesick man that begged for any woman’s attention.

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