RE: M’avez’vous reconnue ou reconnu ?

Dois-je mettre un e si une femme demande : M’avez-vous reconnue ou m’avez-vous reconnu ?

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Little black dress. As in, yeah, it was black, it was a dress and it was little. Very, very little . It was a clubbing dress and that tells you a lot to start with. High hemline and when I say high, we’re talking flash my panties if I stretched high. V-front and that v-front plunged to below my navel. In fact, it high-lighted my navel and if I didn’t have a totally flat and toned stomach, I’d never have worn it coz that V ended about an inch above my panties and there were some criss-cross black laces that kept everything in place  hotmyfreecams . Backless. Literally, no back, just a little string halter neck. The V’s covered my boobs but we’re talking side-boob on display. A lot of side boob coz I guess I got my boobs from my Dad’s European DNA, not my Mom’s little Chinese boob DNA and apart from that V front, there wasn’t anything else above the waist. There was a back to the skirt but it was scooped low and we’re talking butt cleavage here as well. As for the sides, totally slit and there were strips of stretch material that held the front to the back and you could totally see the sides of my bikini briefs.

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