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A child can be interested in a foreign language, but only a few manage to maintain a keen interest in learning it. But where do the children who pass international exams for the highest scores and study abroad come from? And the recipe for their success usually goes deeper than going to a good language school or choosing the right tutor. The main thing is motivation, a simple and clear answer to the question “why”.
When a child is motivated to learn a language
An independent and balanced answer to the question « Why learn English? » a modern young person can form as early as the age of 16. This is the stage of the 10-11th grade of the school, when a decision is made to enter a university and, probably, an idea is formed about the future life path. For most, the moment of « realization » occurs already in the student years. Then there is an opportunity to go on foreign internships, continue your studies in another country, or simply travel the world regardless of your parents.
The moment of « realization » usually comes when there is very little time left before a decisive stage – for example, passing an exam. Therefore, it is important to prepare well for it using which allows you to write a written work and carefully prepare for the exam. This contributes to the development of motivation.
And not always a schoolboy or student is ready to bring his knowledge of the English language to the desired level in a short time. It would seem that precisely in order to avoid such situations, there are parents who repeat to their child from the first grade: “Learn English, it will come in handy in life.” But despite the suggestions of moms and dads, we still observe that in 80% of cases, language learning occurs in an emergency mode.

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